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Making Quick Work of Navigation (Star Traders RPG v5.1.23)

One of the central challenges of the Star Traders Captain is plotting the Ship's course. The Crew looks to you for direction. As Star Traders has developed over the past three years we have made many improvements and adjustments to the tools you use to help your Captain chart a course through the Stars.

Early version of Star Traders RPG
The game's overall visual appeal has been improved as well, but the focus of the design will always be about making it easy for you to execute your goals. Depending on what your Captain is doing you can set courses from at least these screens:

  • Contract Lists
  • Rumor Lists
  • Resource Reports
  • Politics Lists
  • Conflict Lists

Another very effective way to plot a course is the zoom map. However, some of our Captains have different play styles and one piece of feedback that kept coming up was the desire for more zone based navigation options to augment the sector based ones. This release brings the new "Navigation" menu to meet that need:

Navigation menu on Nexus 7

Navigation Menu on Moto Droid

This release also continues to work to deal with the fallout from several Google bugs in Android:

v5.1.23 - 9/28/2013

  • Fixed Reported Crashes and Freezes
  • Useful New 'Navigator' Menu Item
  • New Ship: Tutrux Jammer
  • New Ship: Tutrux Cutter
  • New AI Variations for Xeno/Narvidians
  • New Spice Hall and Palace Rumors/Hints
  • New Nexus 7 Updates for Google Bugs in 4.3

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