Star Traders v5.1.17 Released!

The newest Star Traders release carries with it a huge set of new ships and enhancements to the biggest dangers in the Quadrant - aliens, Narvidians, Hives and the like.  Beware Captains!

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v5.1.17 - 9/6/2013
- 3 New Aliens Ships (Elite + Free)
- 2 New Narvidian Ships (Elite Only)
- 3 New Space Hive Ships (Elite + Free)
- 3 New Player Ships (Elite + Free)
- Help File Updates for Unlocks / Awards
- New Nexus 7 Fixes for Google Bugs in 4.3
- New Smarter Alien/Hive/Narv AI (Hard+)

Questions about the IAP?


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