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Captain's Log, AU Date -- Star Traders RPG Updates!

It is Thursday and you know what that means -- a Star Traders RPG updates!

Andrew and I may be spending 15 hours a day on Heroes of Steel, but I'm still relaxing by playing Star Traders RPG.  -- Cory Trese

Some new ships tuned for low Crew and Cargo, long distance haulers for high value Cargo. I built them for running Artifacts from Pegasus and Zu Chong-Zhi to Cadar Prime.

Meet Alice Wu, Cadar Military Officer:
Lightly Modified Wolf Vector, Independent Design

Check out the brand new log entries in Alice's logbook!

Train Skills of a Military Officer, Level 5

v5.1.27 - 10/17/2013

  • New 'Lorbit' Smuggler Hulls (2 Designs)
  • High Resolution Screen Optimizations for Ship Graphics
  • Fixes Reported Issues with IAP and Unlocks
  • New Captain Log Entries for Alien Encounters
  • New Log Entires for Victory over Aliens and Hives
  • 10 New Wound and Flavor Texts for Captain Log
  • New Log Entries for Shortage and Surplus


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