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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights 1.5.1 Released

This week's release of Cyber Knights includes some very exciting new cyberware that was proposed by the community on the forum, as well as the first of many portraits for NBZ NPCs that are scheduled to be redone!  Please Leave a Rating if you enjoy this game!

 v1.5.1 - 10/05/2013
- New Cyberware - Synth Muscle
- New Cyberware - NanoGear for Athletics
- New Cyberware - NanoMuscule for Strength
- Balancing Encounter difficulties
- New Portrait for Vinny the Rat
- New Portrait for Tattoo Parlor Owner
- Fixing typos and bugs

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  1. Hey guys... Weapon shop Metal-Vana in the Black Row, is blacked empty... Seems a bug...

  2. @barant78 - very strange, we will take a look. We have had a few reports this week about weapons doubling up in weapon shops ... wonder whats going on! Thanks -- will try to resolve!


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