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Heroes of Steel - Giving yourself Advice

Today we dropped in the leveling system for Heroes of Steel!  A great sigh of relief went up from the characters who have been fighting higher and higher level monsters in the dungeons without any way to raise their own Attributes, Skills, and Talents.  

As mentioned in a previous blog post about Rest and Recovery, you will only be able to spend your advancement points gained by leveling at Inns or at special Camping Circles (this is new!).  

The work that got me really excited to day was when we started building the advancement tables.  You gain advancement points to spend on different areas as you gain levels, over a curve.  So, you aren't gaining a point in each area per level, but you will gain at least one point in one area per level to keep it interesting.

Now, you've got a lot of options!  Each of these characters has a big handful of ways that you could build them out -- which Attributes, Skills, and Talents should you pick!?  This is where you the character steps in to give you the player some advice.  The UI below is still pretty rough, but you can see the Outlander dispensing advice about why you might raise his Strength (crushing things!!) or his Dexterity (Dodge and light weapons).  I am really excited about the ability to not only use the character's voice (the Dueler will explain how he lives and dies by the sword and the Blades skill is his most important talent) but to provide continuous advice within the game as you advance (a friendly way of in-game training, getting to know your characters, and even considering the different levels at which your skills are at -- perhaps suggesting that the wizard needs to raise his Constitution if it is too low as his levels increase).  Very excited for the possibilities here -- its a rough UI, but I can see it!


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