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Special Deliveries: Star Traders RPG v5.1.25 Released

Star Traders RPG has recently had the first new Contract added to the game in a while, and as with most things in a game of this complexity, it has taken some time to settle and mature. This release incorporates your Facebook feedback, forum posts and e-mails and should improve the Cargo Delivery contract type.

Contracts: Special Delivery!
The Cargo Delivery contracts are now paying a more balanced number of Credits, with a heavier weight assigned to distance in the payment, as well as an improved payout bonus for restricted goods (Electronics, Weapons and double for Artifacts.)

None of the other bonuses (Tradesman, etc) have been removed, but these new payment and bonuses help the new Contract type become competitive with the other available Contracts like Package and Message.

In addition to more balanced payments for Cargo Delivery Contracts, the Factions that offer them are extending deadlines more liberally now, based on the quantity up for delivery.

v5.1.25 - 10/6/2013

  • Major Rebalancing on Delivery Contracts (More Credits, More Time)
  • Added 3 New Merchant Ship Designs (Designed for Delivery Contracts)
  • Fixing Report Crashes and Bugs
  • Improved Support for TV Resolution Devices
  • Improved Navigtaion Menu for Bigger Elite Map
  • Improved Map Loading Performance

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