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Templar Assault -- Building the Squad

Andrew and I have been working on improving Templar Assault RPG recently, with a specific focus on making the advancement of the squad from a team of New Templars to a Battleforce of Dragoon Executioners feel more real, special and demanding.

To power this change, we added a new system (which we blogged about here) called Prestige.

An 'Elite' warrior Squad
Early in the game the Leviathan robotic battle suit feels slow, almost clumsy at times. While your Templar Knights are new at piloting them, they can be difficult to control but as you level up, upgrade the armor and weapons (and shields!) slowly the Leviathan begins to show it's true colors.

Corrupt FDF Forces Attempt vs. Captain
I most experience the first real rush of Leviathan death dealing with the Captain. His sword and excellent armor options make him into a killing machine a little bit faster than the rest of the squad.

Early in the game, flanked and surrounded, the battle above with the FDF would have looked bad. However, this was a Captain who had learned how to throw the Leviathan around.

Final Score -- Captain 6. FDF 0
That's the core progression of Templar Assault -- from rough (but very tough) warrior to an absolute death machine. After the Captain the next most obvious place is your Squad's elite scouts.

Upgraded Leviathan Armor
Early in the progression the Leviathan battlesuit seems to hold you back, slow down your movement. As the scouts advance, they leave that behind. The Leviathan flies down corridors -- Ragnar, above, can easily outrun the fastest xeno over open ground.

Taking a break with a new squad

After a long while of playing the same squad, however, the vast improvement's you have made with your team are less apparent. I like to take a break and play a squad of New Templars for a level or two ... really drives home the appreciation you have for your Legendary Squads.

A Legendary Templar Knight Squad


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