Templar Assault Update

With the help of our most veteran Templar Knights from the community forum, we have leveraged a new round of balancing into Templar Assault's Prestige and Honor system.  We have also smoothed out the curve of weapon progression to encourage use of mid-level weapons as your squad gains in power instead of being able to leap straight to the top of the heap.

v1.9.0 - 10/15/2013
- Hydra Kills now counted toward defeating levels with kill counts
- Weapon balancing (Plasma rifles and other 4 range guns) (thanks forum!)
- Prestige balancing for weapons (thanks forum!)
- Main menu re-done to match the rest of the UI
- Fixed Logistics Lifter level briefing map / text

Read more: http://startradersrpg.proboards.com/thread/5530/templar-assault-v1-9-released#ixzz2iSplWaOo


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