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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Heroes of Steel - Crafting Monsters

I am just sharing a bit of content I am working on with Heroes of Steel.  I am adding a new monster type -- the hund (which harks back to Cyber Knights war hunds) ... going to be terrifyingly fast and vicious monsters.

The Spine 2D animation kit we use makes this entire process a joy.  I can build the monster in modular pieces, often first getting the animation working with just blocked out body parts.  Here you can see the hund has only his head and chest actually rendered, and the other body parts are placeholders.  Once I am happy with the animation (his wolf-like gallop) I am heading back through to render the actual images required!

Already looking scary in my book.


  1. I cannot wait for Heroes of Steel. Keep up the great work. Until then I shall obsessively play Star Traders.


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