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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights - Major Jobs Update & Holiday Sale

First, Cyber Knights Elite is ON SALE for $1.99. Great time grab it for the holidays.

Second, this is a major release (jumping to 1.7.0) which puts in the foundation for all the upcoming job system re-build. We are headed to a new Jobs System 2.0 for Cyber Knights which will really change the game. It is important to get this first phase locked in solid, so please watch your jobs (heat, rep, negotiation, etc) extra carefully for this release and report anything you see as an issue or an inconsistency!

While this is a "clean-up" release around the job system (fixing known issues with the new foundation) the upcoming releases are where things will start to get more exciting.  We will be leveraging in new job types, new dynamic job creation code that is aware of XP, Reputation, and location within the NBZ, as well as complex job types that bring an Operation feel to the jobs you might pick up from a powerful Connector.  This leads to another big change -- Connectors within the city, backrooms, and across the wires will start to have their own qualities and characterizations.  Are they a paramilitary nut, or a smuggler who jumps at every shortage in the city?

Very exciting times for Cyber Knights!

v1.7.0 - 12/16/2013
- Character w/ Best Negotiation haggles for job prices
- Reasons for profession-based job bonuses now displayed in job screens
- Pickup / Delivery jobs build up Heat and then burn it all at the end
- Synchronized Heat add / remove for taking / completing jobs
- Fixed job bugs sending you to the same shop
- Foundation is now in for new jobs system - please report any issues!


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