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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Heroes of Steel is headed to Greenlight

We have started the Heroes of Steel RPG Greenlight project on Steam!  We hope you will help support us there and push this project forward.

We are coming to PC whether or not we succeed at Greenlight, but we know the best way to get on your computers is via Steam.  We appreciate your support!


  1. I'll click you on Steam, just tell me you'll be dropping it elsewhere, I tend to buy from GOG or direct purchase for PC.

    Own all of the Android games in their Elite version, probably buying this from Play as well, but having a DRM-free PC option would help if Samsung finally pushes me over the edge and I go dumb phone out of spite :)

    1. @liam - the nice thing about Steam is that they are not exclusive. So, yes, we are very likely to sell on other networks like Desura or GOG.

    2. You've already got my click, hoping to see the whole collection of Trese games come to PC.

  2. I downloaded your game today! ^^


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