Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vestmarch Strike Team Alpha released in Templar Assault

The newest release of Templar Assault releases new campaigns to the free version of the game and puts in place an exciting new campaign lock system.  Campaigns can now be locked behind other campaigns, giving your squads extended challenges to complete back-to-back.

The newest Vestmarch campaign links into a chain of 4 campaigns.  In the Strike Team Alpha campaign, your squad is handpicked to lead the counter offensive against the xenos command that is driving the siege on Vestmarch.  

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v1.6.3 - 5/28/2013
- Released 2 Vestmarch Campaigns into Free (Vestmarch Burns & Isolation)
- Some Campaigns now Locked by other Campaigns
- Vestmarch Campaigns are Locked (Vestmarch Burns -> Isolation -> East Gatehouse -> Strike Team Alpha)
- Updating Tutorial Extermination level - clearer victory conditions
- Re-balancing the Relic Devastator bonus weapon
- Updated button styles
- Updated game ico

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Monday, May 27, 2013

For the Artists - How to Improve

Occasionally, one of our community members will ask me "how did you improve your drawing skills?"  This is excited because it means somebody noticed I'm improving!  This post is scattered with examples of old and new art for Trese Brothers games.

The most common answer to this question is that you have to practice.  You have to draw every day.  That's true, that would help.  But, I don't -- I don't have the hours or availability to draw hours every day.  Yes, of course I only get better when I draw more.  But, how do I make the best of my limited draw time?

On the other hand, find something that makes you produce art.  For me, I have Trese Brothers deadlines weekly and I have to get pieces done.  That makes sure, even with limited time, that I am drawing.  If its a webcomic, a sharing site, a project you're setting your own schedule for -- find a reason to insure you are creating finished pieces on a weekly basis.

Back to the important question, how do I make the best of my limited draw time?

The Star Traders Banner Art - from 2011 and 2013

1. Look at other artists' work.  

There are tons of great communities out there of very active artists -- such as or  Places where you can go and see the talented artists today show off their latest and greatest.  Don't let this be disheartening.  Yes, they are amazing -- but that's why you're training.  Don't just drool, really look.  Find some artists you like and follow them.  How do they do it?  How did they use shadows and backlight?  What lines and techniques did they use to make that foreshortening work?  How did they stylize his or her face?  Really look, get down in the pixels.  How did they do it?  Soak that up and try it yourself.  

Cyber Knight's First Character - 2011 to 2012

2. Use real pictures.  

Another piece of classic artist advice is to get an anatomy book and to learn about the human body.  It is truly critical to get this part right, otherwise you're subjects will always look off.  If you look at the first Bodyguard Officer below, you'll see that classic flaw.  Her breasts are impossibly high to her collar bone!  

First, get a head start and browse the internet about "drawing human anatomy" and get a feel for the basics -- length of arms, proportions of the face and the like.  

After getting the basics, one good way to soak up this knowledge without sitting by your anatomy book all the time is to use real pictures. Go on Flickr, Bing, Google and look for images of humans in the poses and stances you want.  Look at real faces, real hands, real legs, and in the case of the bodyguard real breasts-and-collar-bone combinations!  There are millions of photos out there, so use the resource to your advantage.  

Star Traders Bodyguard Officer - Early to Late 2012

3. Read and watch video tutorials, speed draws.  

Lots of great artists are posting screen-casts of their drawing sessions online, on YouTube or selling them for cheap.  These are great resources.  Try to follow them, try to make your own variations on their work.  Watch them again, try again.  You're building the knowledge base in your mind, and eventually your drawing hand will learn to follow!  DeviantArt is great place for video tutorials ( or you can go to a dedicated site like for tutorials (  Or, YouTube if full of amazing speed paints (

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Star Traders RGP v5.0.31 Released

Star Traders RPG is the critically acclaimed turn based science-fiction RPG mobile strategy game released by Trese Brothers for the Android OS. The purpose of the game is to lead your Captain and Crew on a successful adventure by combining combat, commerce, politics and developing new ship designs.

v5.0.31 - 5/25/2013

  • Improved Game Speed for XXHDPI Devices
  • New Game Artwork: Plant Resource
  • New Game Artwork: Clothing Resource
  • New Ship: Maroon Liner
  • New Ship: Solar Falcon
  • New Ship: Death Raptor
  • 6 Additional Game Tips and Quotes
  • Fixed Reported Crashes

Take command of your Ship -- On any Android device!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cyber Knights RPG v1.2.7 Released

v1.2.7 - 5/15/2013
Complex Squad-Based Combat

  • Improved Matrix Hacking Icons and Display
  • Improved Snipers Character Starting Ammunition
  • Mars Co Importers Now Selling Nano-Ready Gear
  • Display Augmented Values for spending Experience
  • Updated Hacking Documentation in Help

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Improved Matrix System Phase 1

Hacking: Digital Warfare
Your team of Cyber Knights may include characters skilled in Hacking the global Matrix.
Hacking Icons
Hacking the global Matrix requires an understanding of the basic iconography of the virtual world.
System Operations
Hack Network Firewall
The first step of a Matrix hack is to override the network firewall.
Hack Access Layer
The second step of a Matrix hack is to override the host's access protection layer.
Hack System OS
Once the access protection layer has been hacked, the System OS can be taken over.
Hack Network Stack
With control of the System OS a hacker can control and redirect the System's connections to the Matrix and other Hosts. The Network Stack can be accessed multiple times to redirect the connection between a group of Hosts.
Connect to Host
A hacker can use the Network Stack to move between Hosts. Once the Network Stack has been pointed at a valid Host, the Connect icon will appear.
Disconnect from Host
At any point during Matrix access, the user can disconnect. Hackers will try to disconnect without leaving behind a physical location or data trail.
Locate Paydata
Search through the System's folders and files looking for valuable data that could be sold on the open market.
Download Paydata
Retrieve selected data segments from the System.
Run Decoy
Before hacking the System OS, a Hacker can launch a Decopy application to confuse Track and Trace threads.

User Apps

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Templar Assault RPG

Narvidian Dawn

Templar Assault RPG has cross the 100 maps milestone with the release of a massive new campaign, Narvidian Dawn.  The campaign will challenge even the most veteran squads with its increased difficulty, challenging monsters, and sprawling levels.  

In the Narvidian Dawn campaign, the Templar brotherhood encounters the servants of an ancient power, the Narvidians.  Created during the times before the Star Traders Exodus, the Narvidian threat comes forward with its full might against the Templars from the dark of space.  Throughout the campaign, the histories of the man and the Narvidians are investigated and uncovered--revealing more of the deep history of the Star Traders game universe.  

The Narvidian Dawn campaign boasts:
  • New 16 Levels 
  • 5 New Monsters: Narvidian Cultist, Narvidian Gun Drone, Narvidian Hive Worker, Narvidian Cannon, Narvidian Disk Drone
  • 50 Hidden Secret Bonus Zones
  • 4 New Hidden Bonus Weapons
  • 2 New Hidden Bonus Armors
  • 8000 Bonus Zone Honor
  • 32 Bonus Zone XP

The new release also features a newly designed interface for the Templar squad control, seen above.  

The Narvidian Dawn campaign is extremely difficult, and can only be tackled by veteran squads and Captains.  One of the best tools that a captain can employ to bring his squad successfully through these levels are the single-use items that can empower and enhance a Templar squad for a single level, such as Ammo Pods.

Some of the new Narvidian enemies greatly out-class the Templars in terms of power, armor, and weaponry available.  The Templar warriors must stretch their abilities to the max and develop new strategies to overcome these new challenges and foes.

Star Traders RPG v5.0.29 On Google Play

Trese Brothers just updated Star Traders RPG and Elite on Google Play. New Ships, tips, help data and more detailed combat results. This release includes a number of new content elements and some interface and game play improvements. We also updated the Help file with more information about Officers.

v5.0.29 - 5/21/2013

  • New Ship: Pao Freighter (Merchant)
  • New Ship: Core Vector (Bounty Hunter)
  • New Ship: Strikefighter (Military)
  • 6 New Spice Hall / Palace Tips
  • Fixed XP-Ready Button Images
  • Fixed some Combat messages (Advance & Torp)
  • Improved Officer Documentation (Lists who is Elite)

Some new interface tweaks!
Please support Star Traders RPG By Leaving a Review at one of the links below. Andrew and I appreciate your support. The update should be available on Google Play in a few minutes and on Amazon in a few days. Thanks for playing!

Google Play "Star Traders RPG" Free

Amazon "Star Traders RPG" Free

Google Play "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($2.99USD)

Amazon "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($2.99USD)

Playing some Star Traders RPG

When you are trying to make progress on a game development project it is all too easy to get sucked into playing the game when you should be testing the game. As evidenced by the screenshot below, sometimes I get distracted from coding on Star Traders RPG by playing Star Traders RPG. Oh well -- level 16 on Hard is fun and honestly, once you get the hang of ST, not enough of a challenge at all.

Today's Bounty Hunter

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Templar Assault v1.6.1 Released!

The newest Templar Assault release landed on the market today with a number of great UI enhancements that make the life of a green or veteran Captain.  Also, we have finished the drive to convert 100% of the 115 levels in the game to the new style of briefing map.

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this game.

v1.6.1 - 5/19/2013
- Filter on the Armory when purchasing items
- Gear stacks in inventory for easy browsing
- Fixed Narvidian Factory level victory condition
- New Region Briefing Maps for "Moons of Nachot-Ugo", "Critical Shutdown"
- Updates for "Reller's Relief" and "Narvidian Dawn" campaigns
- 100% of campaign briefing maps updated, fixed and updated many briefings
- New UI for dialogs

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Star Traders RPG v5.0.27 Released

The latest release of Star Traders RPG brings support for additional resolutions and devices to the game.

v5.0.27 - 5/17/2013

  • New Star Traders Icon
  • Improved XXHDPI Performance
  • Improved Zoom Map Display
  • Improved Star Map Performance
  • Updated New Character Interface
  • New Ship Artwork: Lance Vector
  • New Ship: Titan Vector
  • New Ship: Pirate Liberator
  • New Ship: Titan Strikecruiser

New Displays in "New Captain"

New Icon for Star Traders RPG

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cyber Knights 1.2.3 Released!

So very sorry for the Hotel / Safehouse FC everyone!  It is now fixed!

Please Leave a 5 Star Rating if you enjoy this game

v1.2.3 - 5/15/2013
 - Fixed Hotel FC
 - Runners now show weapon options in Team Status
 - Last Hotel / Safehouse shown in PDA

v1.2.1 - 5/14/2013
 - New Elite Knight - Female III (thanks Facebook!)
 - Story ally for MnB can use gloves / heavy weapons
 - Updating Backroom UI, resolving small screen issues
 - Fixed Bug: Negotiate affects weapon, armor, gear prices
 - Re-balanced escape rules
 - Resolving map issues with fences

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Star Traders - Artwork Updates

One thing that Trese Brothers has always focused on is updating our existing games.  We keep investing in our games to make them better, faster, more beautiful, and more fun to play.  A lot of our enhancements our based directly on your feedback.

One my favorite types of enhancements is when I get a chance to upgrade the artwork.  Recently for Star Traders I redid all of the officers art, which was a ton of fun and really raised the level of the game.  This time, I am re-doing the promotional graphics and the game icon.  Hope you enjoy it!

What do you think?  Should this ship show up as a hull in the game?

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Discord + New Logo

Folks - we're excited to announce that we've started a Discord server. All players, all games, all Trese Brothers, all the time. ...