Saturday, October 26, 2013

Star Traders 50% Off -- Three Years Anniversary Sale & Update

Celebrating 3 years of constant updates and support, Star Traders RPG was originally launched on October 27, 2010.

Since then we've had a 4.75 / 5.00 rating on and between the paid and free versions, have 15,000 reviews.

Star Traders RPG on sale now for 2010 prices:

While those are numbers we like the number you seem to like is the updates.

260 game updates in 3 years -- or one update every 4.25 days. For three years.

An early version of Star Traders RPG

Please support Star Traders RPG By Leaving a Review. We'll support it by updating it as long as you keep playing it.

v5.1.29 - 10/25/2013

  • Three Year Anniversary Sale - $2 Elite
  • This Weekend Only: $2 Unlock All Codes
  • Major Zoom Map UI Overhaul / Skin
  • Elite New 'Valgrind' Interceptor 
  • New Dragoon Ship Design Added
  • New "Secret" XP Bonus for New Characters
  • Fixed Reported Crashes and Freezes

Google Play "Star Traders RPG" Free

Amazon "Star Traders RPG" Free

Amazon "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($1.99USD)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming -- Age of Pirates Updated

This is a fun one, folks. The first update to Age of Pirates following the successful alpha launch of our new game, Heroes of Steel brings some new fun features to the game.

First, lets look at some screenshots.

Age of Pirates RPG -- Droid X

Age of Pirates RPG -- Nexus 7
Normal enough, you say? Look closer -- something is missing. The old clunky zoom bar! But how will we zoom you ask -- well, my piratey friends, you will just have to pinch zoom!

Yes, it's true. Go download it and try it out -- works on all Android devices! =)

v0.7.3 - 10/23/2013

  • Pinch Zoom For Sea Map
  • All Rumor Duration Increased by 100%
  • Improved Music Playback Performance
  • Fixed Map Issues and Spawning Locations
  • Fixed Commission Display in Tavern/Castle
  • Balancing and Crash Elimination + Text Updates

Google Play Age of Pirates RPG

Google Play Age of Pirates RPG Elite

Amazon App Store Age of Pirates RPG

Amazon App Store Age of Pirates RPG Elite

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Templar Assault Update

With the help of our most veteran Templar Knights from the community forum, we have leveraged a new round of balancing into Templar Assault's Prestige and Honor system.  We have also smoothed out the curve of weapon progression to encourage use of mid-level weapons as your squad gains in power instead of being able to leap straight to the top of the heap.

v1.9.0 - 10/15/2013
- Hydra Kills now counted toward defeating levels with kill counts
- Weapon balancing (Plasma rifles and other 4 range guns) (thanks forum!)
- Prestige balancing for weapons (thanks forum!)
- Main menu re-done to match the rest of the UI
- Fixed Logistics Lifter level briefing map / text

Read more:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Captain's Log, AU Date -- Star Traders RPG Updates!

It is Thursday and you know what that means -- a Star Traders RPG updates!

Andrew and I may be spending 15 hours a day on Heroes of Steel, but I'm still relaxing by playing Star Traders RPG.  -- Cory Trese

Some new ships tuned for low Crew and Cargo, long distance haulers for high value Cargo. I built them for running Artifacts from Pegasus and Zu Chong-Zhi to Cadar Prime.

Meet Alice Wu, Cadar Military Officer:
Lightly Modified Wolf Vector, Independent Design

Check out the brand new log entries in Alice's logbook!

Train Skills of a Military Officer, Level 5

v5.1.27 - 10/17/2013

  • New 'Lorbit' Smuggler Hulls (2 Designs)
  • High Resolution Screen Optimizations for Ship Graphics
  • Fixes Reported Issues with IAP and Unlocks
  • New Captain Log Entries for Alien Encounters
  • New Log Entires for Victory over Aliens and Hives
  • 10 New Wound and Flavor Texts for Captain Log
  • New Log Entries for Shortage and Surplus

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Age of Pirates RPG v0.7.1 -- New Commission Navigation and Ship Artwork

The latest update to Age of Pirates RPG has been released for Android and includes a new deep sea commission navigation feature. You asked for it, we added it. other release details after the screenshot.

That's how this works :)  E-mail me --

Age of Pirates RPG: Navigation to Deep Sea Missions

v0.7.1 - 10/12/2013

  • New Ship Artwork: Dark Sail Full Rig
  • New Ship Artwork: Red Sail Full Rig
  • New Ship Designs: New Man of Wars
  • Better Reputation Bonuses for Conflict Trade
  • Fixed Shot and Powered Crash
  • Fixed Report Bugs and Issues

Google Play Age of Pirates RPG

Google Play Age of Pirates RPG Elite

Amazon App Store Age of Pirates RPG

Amazon App Store Age of Pirates RPG Elite

Monday, October 7, 2013

Heroes of Steel - Polishing Phase!

With an eye on providing a world class alpha to our Heroes of Steel KickStarter Alpha Team, we are starting to complete on some of the really fun polishing that the game needs!  Today, I spent some time re-decorating the screen you'll spend the most time on -- the map with the corner HUD.  All new buttons (End Turn, Team, Next Character) went in, along with some very useful caps for your HP and SP bars, giving you a real sense of your risk level when you start getting hit or are using many of your talents.

You can also see the cleric's model got a bit of an overhaul in this screenshot.  As I finish the high resolution art for each character, its important to drive any costume changes back into the models!

We are very excited that the alpha is just around the bend up ahead, and we are getting ready for it in a big way!

Heroes of Steel - Effective Curses and Buffs

Within Heroes of Steel, you have a group of four characters who you control and build out to create an effective, deadly, and heroic team.  We will write more about team design in upcoming blog posts, but one of the powers your different team members can bring to the table is their ability to use curses and buff talents to the team's advantage.

As you'd expect, curses let you bring down the threat or defense level of your enemies, while buffs will add all manner of bonuses and advantages to your team.  Each character has their own style of these talents -- for example both the Outlander and the Thief are much more individualistic characters, loners, and coming from a background of acting on their own.  This character background manifests itself in their talents, where they provide mostly self-only buffs, lack the ability to empower the team directly, and their ability to release curses against their enemy is enabled by their attacks and getting directly in the enemy's face.

The Wizard and Cleric character will come with the option to focus on cursing and buffing a bit more, and will provide more effective ways of doing so.  Their personalities are more focused on the heroes, their cohesiveness and success, and this comes through in their talents.  They will both bring these powers to the table, and will also be able to unleash them as area-effect spells, hitting multiple targets.   More on this soon!

Of course, your opponents (monsters and their respective leaders) will be slinging curses at your characters and buffing their own teams.  When you run into the wrong group or nasty boss with a mighty arsenal of evil talents, it has the potential to force drastic changes to your strategy to make up for the curses a boss might bring to the table, or the sudden spike in damage that your enemies are doing if they are properly empowered.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Special Deliveries: Star Traders RPG v5.1.25 Released

Star Traders RPG has recently had the first new Contract added to the game in a while, and as with most things in a game of this complexity, it has taken some time to settle and mature. This release incorporates your Facebook feedback, forum posts and e-mails and should improve the Cargo Delivery contract type.

Contracts: Special Delivery!
The Cargo Delivery contracts are now paying a more balanced number of Credits, with a heavier weight assigned to distance in the payment, as well as an improved payout bonus for restricted goods (Electronics, Weapons and double for Artifacts.)

None of the other bonuses (Tradesman, etc) have been removed, but these new payment and bonuses help the new Contract type become competitive with the other available Contracts like Package and Message.

In addition to more balanced payments for Cargo Delivery Contracts, the Factions that offer them are extending deadlines more liberally now, based on the quantity up for delivery.

v5.1.25 - 10/6/2013

  • Major Rebalancing on Delivery Contracts (More Credits, More Time)
  • Added 3 New Merchant Ship Designs (Designed for Delivery Contracts)
  • Fixing Report Crashes and Bugs
  • Improved Support for TV Resolution Devices
  • Improved Navigtaion Menu for Bigger Elite Map
  • Improved Map Loading Performance

Google Play "Star Traders RPG" Free

Amazon "Star Traders RPG" Free

Google Play "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($2.99USD)

Amazon "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($2.99USD)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Templar Assault -- Building the Squad

Andrew and I have been working on improving Templar Assault RPG recently, with a specific focus on making the advancement of the squad from a team of New Templars to a Battleforce of Dragoon Executioners feel more real, special and demanding.

To power this change, we added a new system (which we blogged about here) called Prestige.

An 'Elite' warrior Squad
Early in the game the Leviathan robotic battle suit feels slow, almost clumsy at times. While your Templar Knights are new at piloting them, they can be difficult to control but as you level up, upgrade the armor and weapons (and shields!) slowly the Leviathan begins to show it's true colors.

Corrupt FDF Forces Attempt vs. Captain
I most experience the first real rush of Leviathan death dealing with the Captain. His sword and excellent armor options make him into a killing machine a little bit faster than the rest of the squad.

Early in the game, flanked and surrounded, the battle above with the FDF would have looked bad. However, this was a Captain who had learned how to throw the Leviathan around.

Final Score -- Captain 6. FDF 0
That's the core progression of Templar Assault -- from rough (but very tough) warrior to an absolute death machine. After the Captain the next most obvious place is your Squad's elite scouts.

Upgraded Leviathan Armor
Early in the progression the Leviathan battlesuit seems to hold you back, slow down your movement. As the scouts advance, they leave that behind. The Leviathan flies down corridors -- Ragnar, above, can easily outrun the fastest xeno over open ground.

Taking a break with a new squad

After a long while of playing the same squad, however, the vast improvement's you have made with your team are less apparent. I like to take a break and play a squad of New Templars for a level or two ... really drives home the appreciation you have for your Legendary Squads.

A Legendary Templar Knight Squad

Cyber Knights 1.5.1 Released

This week's release of Cyber Knights includes some very exciting new cyberware that was proposed by the community on the forum, as well as the first of many portraits for NBZ NPCs that are scheduled to be redone!  Please Leave a Rating if you enjoy this game!

 v1.5.1 - 10/05/2013
- New Cyberware - Synth Muscle
- New Cyberware - NanoGear for Athletics
- New Cyberware - NanoMuscule for Strength
- Balancing Encounter difficulties
- New Portrait for Vinny the Rat
- New Portrait for Tattoo Parlor Owner
- Fixing typos and bugs

Google Play Cyber Knights RPG Free

Google Play Cyber Knights RPG Elite

Amazon Cyber Knights RPG Free

Amazon Cyber Knights RPG Elite

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Heroes of Steel - Giving yourself Advice

Today we dropped in the leveling system for Heroes of Steel!  A great sigh of relief went up from the characters who have been fighting higher and higher level monsters in the dungeons without any way to raise their own Attributes, Skills, and Talents.  

As mentioned in a previous blog post about Rest and Recovery, you will only be able to spend your advancement points gained by leveling at Inns or at special Camping Circles (this is new!).  

The work that got me really excited to day was when we started building the advancement tables.  You gain advancement points to spend on different areas as you gain levels, over a curve.  So, you aren't gaining a point in each area per level, but you will gain at least one point in one area per level to keep it interesting.

Now, you've got a lot of options!  Each of these characters has a big handful of ways that you could build them out -- which Attributes, Skills, and Talents should you pick!?  This is where you the character steps in to give you the player some advice.  The UI below is still pretty rough, but you can see the Outlander dispensing advice about why you might raise his Strength (crushing things!!) or his Dexterity (Dodge and light weapons).  I am really excited about the ability to not only use the character's voice (the Dueler will explain how he lives and dies by the sword and the Blades skill is his most important talent) but to provide continuous advice within the game as you advance (a friendly way of in-game training, getting to know your characters, and even considering the different levels at which your skills are at -- perhaps suggesting that the wizard needs to raise his Constitution if it is too low as his levels increase).  Very excited for the possibilities here -- its a rough UI, but I can see it!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Heroes of Steel - Talents!

Check out this YouTube video that shows off the animations of powers and talents within Heroes of Steel!  The video says it all, so I won't bore you with text!

Discord + New Logo

Folks - we're excited to announce that we've started a Discord server. All players, all games, all Trese Brothers, all the time. ...