Heroes of Steel - Reviewed by 148apps.com

We were very excited to have Heroes of Steel Tactics RPG reviewed by 184App's Campbell Bird today.


The review is a great write up of the game and how it will appeal to those who enjoy the tactics RPG or turn-based RPG genre.  Some of the highlights include:

  • "Battles in Heroes of Steel operate in a great, streamlined fashion that seems to be built intentionally for the pick-up-and-play mobile" 
  • "In somewhat typical fashion, these characters are a warrior, wizard, rogue, and cleric – all of which can be moved around the screen by tapping on the grid-like environment." 
  • "It is touches like these, as well as the intriguing story, that make Heroes of Steel seem like it is worth investing in its paid content." 
  • "Overall, Heroes of Steel is easy to recommend for players that want a taste of a rock solid turn-based strategy game for iOS."

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