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Heroes of Steel - Upcoming Features

The Trese Brothers workshop is about to blast out some major updates to Heroes of Steel Tactics RPG in the next few weeks. January is going to be a huge month for expanding content, closing critical feature gaps, and pushing the game forward across all the markets.

 I wanted to take a moment to summarize the big items that are coming, as some of these are being constantly requested across all of our channels!

New Content is coming ...

  • Everyone is asking about Episode 2, but first we are going to add Act 2 of Episode 1.  For those who have finished the currently available content, you've so far enjoyed Episode 1, Act 1 (which cost $1).  We will now be adding Episode 1, Act 2 (for which you've already paid - smart move!).  This new content expansion will include a new town, many new dungeons, and new monster races as well!
  • While you may be cackling along as you use Vincent's crackling energy to blast your foes, Selen the Rogue will be the next optional character added to the game.  She is a melee specialist who replaces Tamilin the Thief in the Stealth slot.  While Selen still brings some ranged abilities to the table, her best strengths are in her Cursing Attacks that both deal damage to her enemies and impact a debilitating Curse that will help other team members bring the target down.

Major Features are coming ...

  • While the story and the dialog assists by pointing out "where to go next" it can still be very easy to get lost or to miss a pointer.  Or, you walked away from the game for a few days and are not sure where to pick up next.  The Quest Log makes it very easy to see what your immediate priorities are, including differentiating between main-line story quests, optional subquests, and also keeping a running record of the heroic deeds that you have completed.  Games that already existed will have their Quest Log start showing items as they play, and new games will get a Quest Log right at the start of the game to help guide you forward.  The Quest Log entries are written to be sure to give guidance about direction and location to insure you can get to the next step!
  • We've had a lot of feedback that the Menu button (top left) is just too easy to touch accidentally.  This can be really annoying as it currently pops you out to the game menu, and if you want to resume play, you have to go back through another loading sequence.  We are on the brink of changing the menu button to a Pause Menu button that will stop the game and give you the option to Resume Play, see the Quest Log, or go to the Main Menu.  Other major features will come to this Pause Menu eventually, including the World Map.
  • If your party has been defeated and used a Restore Point you may have experienced the Long Walk Bug. In this case, the monsters that killed you stay on the map and you are sent far away ... and you may have a very long walk in Combat Mode back to the combat.  This is a hard bug to overcome, but we are just around a corner from putting this issue to rest.  Your group will be moved to the Restore Point, and the enemies that killed you will be cleaned up and ready for you to face again when you try to defeat that area again. 

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