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Heroes of Steel v1.1.29 Delivers!

Last week, we shared some of our goals for near-term development for Heroes of Steel in this blog post.

We are excited to see that the latest release of Heroes of Steel, versions 1.1.27 and 1.1.29 knocked off all of the features that were on the list and even added a few more bonuses!  The release is in review for iOS devices and will hopefully arrive on the iTunes App Store this week.


v1.1.29 & v1.1.27 - 1/12/2013
- 30% speed increase for characters / monsters
- New: Menu button opens Game Menu / Pauses
- Quest Log available off Game Menu
- "Long Walk" bugs fixed - Ends combats after "Restore"
- Enhancing display of Talent + Skill display
- Enhancing Talent Detail display
- Ethereal Anguish - AoE starts at Lvl 4
- Increasing bonus of Thief's Black Night talent

- Increasing range and reducing AP cost of Warding Words
- Shallow water & fords are now difficulty terrain
- Thief can only wear Stealth armor
- Bug and Reported Issues Fixed

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  1. Nice! Can't wait. I have so much more of this game to see yet

  2. Nice RPG games you have developed...
    I worked as a freelance game developer, now wanted to start my own RPG game.
    Can you please tell me what is Game Development Engine or SDK you use for developing RPG games.

    1. Heroes of Steel is built using C++ and Cocos 2DX engine!


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