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Age of Pirates RPG v0.8.5 -- Big Game Upgrade

If you haven't played Age of Pirates RPG, or have not played it in a few months -- this is a release worth checking out.

Andrew and I have been hard at work to improve the game play and rendering on key screens (Combat, Docks, Sailing Map) and I think the results really pay off in v0.8.3

Please, take a look!

v0.8.5 - 2/2/2014

  • Fixed / Enhanced Combat Screen Rendering
  • Highlight Commission Target Locations in Docks
  • Highlight Tavern Icon (Low Morale)
  • Highlight Trader Icon (Low Rations)
  • 6 New Ships Designs in Free + Elite Editions
  • 3 New Ship Icon Artworks
  • Improved Status Bar Rendering
  • Improved Smart Nav (Long-Press Yellow Arrows)

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Age of Pirates -- Polish will turn it to Gold =)

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Google Play Age of Pirates RPG

Google Play Age of Pirates RPG Elite

Amazon App Store Age of Pirates RPG

Amazon App Store Age of Pirates RPG Elite


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