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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights v1.7.x Focuses on Jobs

The Cyber Knight development is all focused on jobs at the moment.  We are working through some critical re-writes of the existing job system in preparation for rolling out something new, dynamic, and exciting.  Thanks for everyone helping find any last issues with the preparation for the new system, we can't wait to see it hit the streets in the v1.8.x family!

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v1.7.23 - 2/1/2014
 - Off-duty Bravestar no longer bring Predator Drones across the wall
 - Inner-city Combat balancing
 - Fixing bug with Connector Contacts giving same Job
 - Fixing typos

v1.7.21 - 1/31/2014
 - Bonding with a new Computer resets Heat to 0
 - Safehouses heal all party members
 - Preventing Connector job offers from changing too quickly
 - Fixing Heatwave / Toxic Spill watermark, was flipped

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