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Cyber Knights v1.8.11 - Major Jobs Update!

Cyber Knights v1.8.11 begins to really pick up the pace with the deployment of the new and dynamic jobs system!  Exciting days in the NBZ!

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v1.8.11 - 02/08/2014
- New Job Type: Raid (kill group of enforcers)
- Bungalow (Camden St) and Church of St. Patrick (Southie) are now Paramilitary Connectors
- Balanced job prices & better distance pricing
- New Connector types respect XP, more dangerous locations
- Package Hubs stopped sending jobs to Data Terms & hidden locations
- Added confirmation for canceling Job
- Fixed Weapons/Armor shop bugs
- Typos & Clarified CyberSword desc

This is the push point! Things are starting to accelerate in job system rewrite - THANKS to everyone who helped find and eliminate bugs as we re-did the system's underpinnings. It's paying off, I think.

The new paramilitary connectors ARE:
1) Interested in you delivering threatening, raiding, capturing and assassinating
2) Interested in a certain set of targets, the enemies of their faction.
3) Interested in targets on the outside of the wall
4) Balanced in price to existing NBZ contracts you can get from other Connectors.

These paramilitary connectors are NOT:
1) Identifying themselves as different in the UI.
2) Respecting your increased Reputation and providing you with better paying jobs.
3) Making any special allowances in their offers based on NBZ Rumors and Conflicts.

Both paramilitary and package hub connectors ARE NOW:
1) Recognizing your Knight's XP and sending you to potentially more dangerous locations

We'd love any feedback or reports on job bugs if you are taking jobs from these new connectors!

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