Star Traders RPG v5.3.11

Thank you for playing Star Traders RPG! If you can, we would love a Review of the latest version wherever you play. Thanks again ... and enjoy 5.3.11 =)

v5.3.11 - 2/17/2014

  • More Templar Assault RPG cross-overs
  • New Hive Treasure Ship: Infested Hive
  • New Alien Ship: -- Terrox Xeno-Hive
  • New Officer: Templar Command
  • New Officer: Templar Hydra
  • More Balanced Ship Upgrade Pricing
  • 600 Ships and 13 Officers in Elite
Hydra Templar

Templar Command

Templar Strike Cruiser

Templar Heavy Lift

Templar Lance Class

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