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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights - Grapple and Persuade Your Way to the Top!

The newest release of Cyber Knights brings the second profession-specific talent into the game, allowing CyberSword Knights and Runners to Grapple their enemies.  Forcing their way into close melee range, your CyberSword hampers, wrestles, and pummels their target causing a -2 to -4 reduction in AP.  Hate those Drones?  Get close and kick them around until they are out of AP!

For the Faces and swindlers in the NBZ, the new Phero Injectors allow you to put your cybernetics to use in a non-violent way.  Get a Pheromone Injector from Mars or a Nano-Phero from AzTek Global and you'll be sweet talking every Connector, Fixer, and seller from here to the Charles!

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1.8.44 - 0/3/18/2014
- CyberSword profession gains "Grapple" special ability, reduces enemy AP
- New Pheromone Injector I cyberware increased Negotiation
- Elite Only: Nano-Phero Injector II+ add even more skill bonuses
- Improved Combat Initiative Roster to show AP requirements for action
- New V2 Connectors: Brave Star Officers, Variofibre Research, Evil T's Bar
- Fixed issues with Kill Shot, lowered distance requirement

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