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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights v1.8.50 Released!

The newest release of Cyber Knights marks a major milestone as we move through the V2 Jobs updates.  Every Connector who you can find in a shop who works for the Streets, any gang, criminal organization, or security company is now a V2 Connector!  The last hold outs are the mega-corporations, and they won't last long!

Another big addition is a new type of Connector - the Bondsman - who is specifically interested only in Capture missions.  One of the goals of the V2 jobs system is to allow you to build specialists, and this is another case where we are enabling just that.  Are you a Cybersword who is perfectly built to take down a target and his or her bodyguards?

More Connector types will be on the way with more job types in upcoming updates - including big changes to how escort works, reconnaissance jobs, and jobs based around stealing data, items, and people away from your targets.

Hope you'll join us on Google Play for Free!

v1.8.50 - 3/27/2014
 - New Connector Type: Bondsman Hub (specializes in capture)
 - All Knight Horizon, BraveStar, and Yakuza Connectors are now V2
 - Elite Only: Neural Hardwire I & II - raise AP quickly
 - Red pin placed accurately for taxi maps (thanks @gravling!)
 - Deleting paydata updates UI correctly

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