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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Episode 2: The Gathering Shadow

As the four heroes gather in the throne room of a fallen Baron, a shadow settles over the eastern Underdeep. Knowing that their true quarry escaped their net, the hunters look to strike again before Lazzon is able to go to ground.  

Heroes of Steel, Episode 2: The Gathering Shadow continues the epic adventure as the four unlikely heroes turn their gazes east. The lands of the Braeys Family and Baron Koda seem hazy and distant in the constant gloom of the Underdeep.

This first release of Episode 2: The Gathering Shadow includes Act 1 - the massive and sprawling lands of the east.  New challenges and dangers arise at every turn as the heroes faces both the mythical, mundane, and political dangerous of the broken world of Steel.

The story expansion is huge and features:

  • 20 new dungeons, packed full of challenging enemies
  • 4 new towns from two major factions
  • 30 new types of monsters as you travel farther and fight harder than you ever have before 
  • Smarter and more varied types of monster intelligence
  • New monster talents including Area of Effect attacks, devastating curses, and stunning amounts of elemental damage.

In Episode 2, the world opens before you - and you are called upon to make choices that will change that world.  Episode 2 brings a new level of branching into Heroes of Steel and forces you to chose from multiple paths, take sides, and fight to hold them.


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