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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Heroes of Steel Elite Launched!

Do you love classic tactics RPGs?  Final Fantasy Tactics, Shining Force, Fallout Tactics?  Such turn-based games challenge us to perfect both the in-the-minute tactics we use against our enemies as well as the overarching strategy.  Given all the time you want from turn to turn, you can play with chilling and calculated precision or aggressive speed.

Heroes of Steel tactics RPG immerses you in that experience in a grim, post-apocalyptic fantasy world in which you control a group of four unlikely heroes. Face a wide spectrum of deadly or devious monsters, train your unique talents to build a winning team strategy, and strive to find and equip the rarest and most legendary loot.

Today, Heroes of Steel Elite RPG has launch on Google Play and is on its way Amazon and the Apple App Store soon.  For your $3.99, you get the entire Four Story Episodes - Death's Consort, the Gathering Shadow, Whispers of Steel, and Days of Harrow.

Don't wait - buy Heroes of Steel Elite today!


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