Heroes of Steel v2.1.5 - New Monsters Galore!

The newest of our tactics RPG, Heroes of Steel, introduced two new types of monsters, and a big package of monster balancing and battle group tweaks.  

Also, specific monster types are now Weak vs. certain types of magical damage.  Ice Trolls are Weak vs. Holy and the new Possessed Soldiers are Weak vs. Holy.  Get our you magical gear and spells and give 'em hell!

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v2.1.5 - 3/14/2014
- Added new monster type, Possessed Soldier, to Red Hill Siege
- Added new monster type, Cultist Adept, in Underforge
- Imrpoved variety and balance of battle groups in the Red Hill & Underforge
- Improved balance of monsters, magical attacks, armor and HP for Underforge monsters
- Increased chance of weapon loot in E2 all dungeons
- Monsters can be "Weak Against" types of magical damage
- Increasing Parry for all Staves

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