Star Traders RPG v5.4.3

Thank you for playing Star Traders RPG! Andrew and I wanted to extend a token of our appreciation to everyone who plays Star Traders with this release -- Free, Elite and Unlocked. So, thank you -- here is v5.4.3

Improved Ship Designer AND 20% More Ships for Free Players!

v5.4.3 - 3/22/2014

  • Updated: Ship Designer IAP $0.99
  • Elite Ship: Epsilon Class
  • Elite Ship: Coldiron Cruiser
  • Added 20% More Ship Types in Free =)
  • Updated Ship Pricing Systems
  • Fixed Reported Unlock Issues
  • Elite: More Rumors During Solar Wars

Star Traders RPG from the App Store on iTunes

Google Play "Star Traders RPG" Free

Amazon "Star Traders RPG" Free

Google Play "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($2.99USD)

Amazon "Star Traders RPG Elite" ($2.99USD)


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