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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights - Jobs Flexibility

The newest release of Cyber Knights cyberpunk RPG opens up new flexibility within the NBZ jobs market. Two new Package Hubs were added to help starting Knights and those wanting to work with Yakashima, one of the harder factions with which to get close.

Intimidation jobs got rebuilt in the Encounter style, now matching how Plant and Negotiate jobs function. Finally, you can now cancel a job while you are on the move from your Computer screen. Some types of jobs levy a heavier Reputation penalty if you cancel them while in progress, while others do not. So watch out, and make sure to read the confirmation dialog carefully!

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v1.8.62 - 4/9/2014

  • Intimidation jobs rebuilt - new options, new possible results
  • Can now Cancel Job from Computer - beware high Rep penalties
  • Yakashima and Los V get new Package Hub Connectors
  • Fixed ordering of Grapple & Kill Shot buttons in combat
  • Fixed bugs in job completion, fixed friendly message missions
  • All job types can grant extra Reputation gains during beneficial Conflicts
  • Correct icon shown in Computer Jobs list

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