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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights v1.8.6 - Jobs Press Continues

The Cyber Knights mission to overhaul the entire job's system continues.  This release does some prep work for more exciting releases, but also includes a nice package of changes.

First, we've restored the concept that some jobs will send you to friendly territories.  You may be escorting a mark, or taking a package or message to an ally in a safe zone.  Of course, it may be dangerous to travel to that zone, but it is still your destination.  Even so, you are always working against another faction - someone who would want to stop this mission.

In preparation for a large push to convert the Contact Connectors in VIP Backrooms, the first three have been rolled over.  New types of Connector types and job types will be needed to finish the rest of the work, but this puts a nice foot in the water and we will see what comes up!

Finally, in preparation for additional information about the Jobs that you are currently running, the ability to cancel them from your computer, etc - we've expanded on the jobs list in your computer.  The first expansion is very simple, but it will ramp up from there.

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v1.8.6 - 4/6/2014
 - First three Backroom Contacts are now V2 (Los V, Fennian, BraveStar)
 - Enhanced Job display in computer
 - Package, Message and Escort jobs can be assigned into friendly territory
 - Delivery Hub & Package Hub assign friendly territory jobs
 - Enhanced PDA display in computer

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