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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights - V2 Job Milestone

The latest two updates for Cyber Knights completes a major milestone in the Version 2 of the jobs system (V2).  As of the 1.8.54 release, every street-level Connector in the NBZ is now operating under the new job-system principles - taking into account your XP, Reputation, and team size when assigning you a job.  Welcome to a whole new world!

What's next for this cyberpunk game you ask?  Well - more jobs!  V2 has taken over the streets, but now its time to siege the VIP Backrooms and the Phone Connectors!

And, perhaps even more fun - there are more job types on the rise.  Surveillance jobs, kidnapping, hacking, smuggling are all on the docket.

v1.8.54 - 4/5/2014
 - All Aztek and Yakashima Connectors are now V2
 - Major Milestone: all street-level Connectors are V2 across entire NBZ
 - New Bondsman and Flatliner Connectors in mega-corp land
 - Bondsman Connetors now also offer Escort jobs
 - Fixed all reported crashes with V2 Connectors

v1.8.52 - 4/4/2014
 - New Connector Type: Flatliner (specializes in assassinate / capture)
 - All Mars Connectors are now V2
 - Eased the restrictions for gaining 2+ XP in combat
 - Best Negiotation in Team used in Pawn shops
 - Name of current character displayed in shopping screens
 - Fixed typos and map bugs

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