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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Hackers are Jamming & AgentEX Survey!

The new 1.9.0 release of Cyber Knights brings the jobs game up to truly V2 with an all new job type. Surveillance relies on your Stealth and sharp eyes to witness a critical event at a suspicious location.  The next release will include special electronic gear to enhance your Surveillance roles, as well as expanding the job type to be multi-part, perhaps requiring you to follow the target to a new location!

Also, Hackers get an exciting new ability that can only be used against Drones - Jamming with ECM!  These powerful ECM reduce the AP of the target drone from 2 to Hacking points!  Raise your Hacking and blast those troublesome Drones!

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v1.9.0 - 4/18/2014
 - Hacker Profession gains "Jam" ability against Drones to reduce AP
 - New Job Type: Surveillance
 - Backroom Connectors converted to new "Investigator" Connectors
 - Realtors do not display Safehouse keys that are already owned
 - Improved consistency of Encounters descriptions
 - Updated Help File

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