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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Star Traders 4X: Expire in Exile

Today's post is about the first iteration of the colony screen ... placeholder UI all over the place but you can see the basic idea of this screen is to summarize your Urban Zone's status as clearly as possible.

I can see the quality of the world, the population, mining and factories at a glance. In classic Star Trader's tradition, Urban Zones have a morale and this particular world is rioting ... after months of siege by the Xeno fleet, they are at the breaking point.

Prototype Colony Screen
The story we are going to tell in ST2 is so vast we felt the fans needed a game like EoE to help bridge the gap and provide the bigger picture of the Star Trader's Exodus.

Both games will bring new dimensions to the ST universe for players and really expand on the legends, stories and scope.

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