Star Traders RPG v5.5.3 4/42014

Thank you for playing Star Traders RPG!

v5.5.3 - 4/4/2014
 - New Ship: Heavy Falcon (Fast/Fast/100 Cargo)
 - Fixes Reported Issues with 'Independent' Characters
 - Updated: Ship Designer IAP $0.99
 - Elite Alien Type/AI: Sidtax Carrier ($320,000 Kill)
 - Elite Alien Type/AI: Vicessita Carrier ($125,000 Kill)
 - Elite: Improved Matchmaking for "Bonus Second Officers"
 - Elite: Explorer recieves Scout Officer
 - Unlock: Spy Recieves Spy Officer
 - Unlock: Zealot Receives Xeno Vet

New Updates to the Ship Designer. Custom designed Hulls, just for you, Captain.

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