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All Rumors and Conflicts in the NBZ - Cyber Knights 2.0.4

To get V2 Jobs completely ready for the next big phase is going to take some straightening out of the Rumor / Conflicts system.  We are working through all different things that touch on Rumors / Conflicts and improving their visibility, formatting, and appearance so that you can be sure exactly what is going on the NBZ.  You're going to want to know, because its going to drive a lot of the best money making in the game!

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v2.0.4 - 5/18/2014
 - Improved Encounters involving Rumors
 - Rumor type explained when discovered from Backroom
 - Fixed text display for region Rumors in Computer
 - Can re-hire Runners in Backrooms in Cyber Knights Free version
 - Fixed bug allowing corps to give V2 jobs against themselves

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