Monday, May 12, 2014

Heroes of Steel - Continual Improvement

While we continue to prep the next major content release - Episode 2 Act 2, and the City of the Dead - we are keeping the fires running hot and continually improving Heroes of Steel.  This release sees some big house-cleaning in the shops around the world of Steel.  We've sorted everything so that its easier to see by type and then by price.  While you are shopping, it is easy to select a specific character from your group and see only the items that they can use.  Even better, when you select a character, you can see the items they currently have equipped in the shop for easy comparison.  Happy shopping!

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v2.1.41 5/11/2014
 - Now available on Steam!
 - Improved Weapon / Armor shopping experience: better sorting, filtering, compare
 - Fixed Braeyshaulm story dead-end; can meet with Morgan Braeys again
 - Fixed line of sight issues in North Fort, Talia River Village
 - Monster detail box shows adjusted Dmg, Armor, Resistance from Curses
 - Contains Less Bugs, Fewer Crashes

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