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Heroes of Steel - UI Improvements for All!

The last few releases of Heroes of Steel turn-based RPG have really smoothed out and sanded down the biggest UI issues we had.  These releases have massively increased the speed of move in the game so you can cover the immense world of Steel and all its content faster, as well as insured that small screens were getting at least 4 Talents - a huge quality of life improvement for our phone gamers!

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v2.1.39 - 5/5/2014
 - Now available on Steam!
 - Major Performance Improvement Patch
 - Fixed Display of Talents on HUD (1-4) in Talent List
 - Improved weapon shop / equip display for small screens
 - Fixed monster level issues in Red Hill Storerooms
 - Everything is faster and crashes less

v2.1.37 - 5/2/2014
 - Critical Bug for Equipment Screens (Sorry!)

v2.1.35 - 5/1/2014
 - Added unique Paladin ability to curse with Holy Strickening at 1 Range
 - Added filter controls to Weapon & Armor Equip lists
 - Now available on Steam!
 - Improved Talent menu support - now shows at least 4 always
 - Resolved bug with Underforge Boss and eightfold foci
 - Increased difficulty and loot available in Troll-hunt subquest
 - Improved keyboard support for PC
 - Improved More Games listing


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