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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Smuggle in the NBZ - Cyber Knights v1.9.1 Released!

The latest Cyber Knights release brings a new class of job - Smuggling - to the NBZ. While lower-level Knights will be moving packages and messages around the NBZ, Smuggling raises the challenge level and the reward. As a Smuggler, you receive a secure smuggling case and have to move it quickly and carefully across the intervening territory to your target.  Any Patrol or Checkpoint is going to detect the Smuggling Case and you'll either have to fight, bribe, or force your way past these encounters - or try to slip by in the shadows of the Boston towers.

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v1.9.1 - 4/27/2014
 - New Job Type: Smuggling (see Smuggling Dens, Smugglers in Backrooms, Package & Delivery Hubs)
 - All Patrol & Checkpoint Encounters enhanced to react to Smuggling jobs
 - Improved iconography in jobs screen
 - Fixed some errorneous results of Surveillance jobs
 - Fixed labels of exits in Blue Ox secret tunnel
 - Rep updates on Contact List screen between calls


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