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Cyber Knights is Coming

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The Fearsome Gunslinger - Cyber Knights v1.9.12

Gunslingers now stalk the NBZ, toting two matched pistols and blasting away at their targets.  If you set up for Dual Shot, you mean business - be it with two slim an accurate machine pistols or two massive hand cannons.  Dual Shot will cost you 1 extra AP per attack, but give you two attack rolls, stacked damage, and a solid accuracy bonus!  Catching up to the other competitive professions, Dual Shot puts Gunslingers on the map as one of the most fearsome classes in 2217!

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v1.9.12 - 5/4/2014
 - Gunslinger Profession gains "Dual Shot" ability with matched pistols
 - Defender's AP are shown in combat screens of attack (Jam, Grapple)
 - Clive Zep starts with better health and more XP
 - Fixed issues with Runners leaving during extended hotel / safehouse stays
 - Corrected bug with Connectors incorrectly reporting your XP level
 - Fixed issues with Surveillance encounters, typos

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