Cyber Knights 2.2.0 releases Hunds on the NBZ!

With Escorts having laid the foundation, Hunds were only the next natural step. Once they are rounded out (with specialized gear & implants) then the next step is the ultimate - Drone Master & Hunder professions!

Hunds can be purchased at any of the three breeding pits in the southern NBZ. All of the Hund activity will be focused around gang-land, where soon new gear, rigs, armor upgrades, and even implants will become available for your Hund.

The Hunder will be a profession focused on running with a pack of War Hunds, decked to kill. Certain armor, weapons, and implants and new dog types that are coming soon, will be reserved for the Hunders expert control.

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v2.2.0 - 7/9/2014
  • Elite Only: Purchase a Hund as a team member - immediate ally
  • Visit Pit-Hund Breeders in Roxbury Crossing, Fairmont Breeders in I-93 Barrens, St. Paddy Pups in Dorchester
  • Hunds cannot install cyberware or equip gear (yet!), do not help in Encounters
  • Fixed bugs with Escorts taking the lead in Encounters
  • Fixed reported crashes (thanks!)
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