Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Heroes of Steel RPG v2.2.1 -- Act 2 of Episode 2 Now Available

A new expansion of story and new maps added. Everyone who has purchased Episode 2 gets Act 2 for Free!

Your Epic Quest Continues with Act 2 of Episode 2

v2.2.1 - 7/2/2014

  • Episode 2 Act 2 released - new story arcs, 2 new towns, 2 new story achievements
  • Fight across 9 new dungeons, 7 new monster types
  • Return to Braeyshaulm to advance negotitations
  • Return to Brunehorn inn to learn of a Druid
  • Travel east out of Brunehorn to Granthorn
  • Travel east out of Braeyshaulm to Gholla Outlook
  • Travel east out of Braeyshaulm to Bone Pass
  • Fixes Reported Bugs, Typos, Crashes

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