Star Traders 4X Updated on iOS for iPad and iPhone

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Star Traders 4X Empires Elite
Star Traders 4X Empires

Design custom ships for your fleet

  • New Heavy Reactors and New Techs, 4 New Plasma Cannons
  • New AI & Alien Ship Artwork Added
  • New Tutorial-Specific AI (Less Aggressive)
  • 10% Less Maintenance
  • Reduced Population Grow Rate
  • Reduced Morale Change Rate
  • Limited Xeno Population Grow Rates
  • Reduced Politics Rates
  • 12 New Enemy Xeno Ship Types
  • New Upgrade: Hab Unit 4
  • Fixed Blackrock Listing
  • Fixed Spice Hall Listing
  • Added More Training Details, Levels
  • Ship Upgrades Applied In Design View
  • Display Xeno World Count
  • Fixed Steel Song Fortress/Orbital Mines
  • Display Estimated Difficulty on Map List
  • More Bonuses for Trade Routes/Alliances
  • Add Invaded Worlds to Star Chart
  • Xeno colonization no longer clears Star Chart
  • Elite: Set Number of AI Enemies in New Game
  • Less Conflict Penalties on Normal/Easy
  • Fixed Colony CP Counting & Calculation
  • Fixed Displays in Team Summary / List
  • Removed Xeno Starting Locations Too Close to Player
  • Dozens of Text Updates, Bug & Crash Fixes


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