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Heroes v2.2.25 - New World Map of Steel

The newest release of Heroes of Steel includes the first version of the world map and reaches the $14K stretch goal for the Heroes of Steel KickStarter.  The world of Steel is immense and it can be easy to get lost.  The first revision of the world map will help yo find your way between all of the known settlements, fortresses, and villages.

Your location on the map is marked by the heroic sword-stuck-in-the-ground.  As you travel, check back and see where you are!  Future revisions, you'll be able to see into the depths of dungeons, see the world map changing as the game changes, and see markers for active quests on the map as well.  We're looking forward to the next iteration!

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v2.2.25 - 8/21/2014
 - Added World Map to game menu
 - World map shows all towns and connections
 - World map shows location of group
 - Fixed AP inconsistency with Warders Shield 1
 - Fixed typos

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