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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Hunder Drops on Cyber Knights New Boston Zone

After 3 years of cyberpunk gaming and 250 updates, Cyber Knight has added so many major features over the years - an all new Encounters system, an all new Jobs system, the Made, Not Born Story.

Now the gritty futuristic story continues with the Hunder, a Cyber Knight who stays even farther from humanity than the rest of his kind.  A threatening and feral edge is almost too apparent in the Hunder Knight, leaving most even more on edge.  Not to mention the pack of slobbering and toothy mutant war hunds that follow the Knight and clearly defer to him as their alpha.

What's more, as the Knight grows in power, he can install the cutting-edge EvoRig, made only by the scientists at AzTek's WinterNorth Research Institute, which will allow him to interface with his pack. Receiving sensory information and pushing commands, the Hunder can execute steely command over his EvoRigged pack.

Join us on the streets of New Boston. The year is 2127, and the $1.00 Hunder Unlock awaits.  The Hunder is available only in Elite games and requires a $1 purchase for the Hunder Unlock.  The Hunder Unlock provides an all new Knight who can play any profession, as well as a new profession that can be played by any other Knight.

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v2.3.1 - 08/06/2014
 - All new Profession & new Cyber Knight - Elite-Only $1 Hunder Unlock IAP
 - Hunders get 3 job bonuses (Escort, Surveillance, Threaten)
 - Hunder can purchase Hell-Hunds from Pit Breeders
 - Install EvoRig, EvoRigging, EvoSense Net cyberware to maximize your pack
 - New Hund combat talent "Thrash" adds major bonus damage
 - New Hunders combat talent "Command" stops attacking hunds in their tracks
 - Hunder starts with first Hund instead of Clive Zep
 - Fixed map bugs and dialog typos

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