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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Old School Star Traders RPG Logo

This was the logo we used when we first launched the game. Do you remember this one?


  1. When your kickstarter goes live for ST2 can you put a link under the "more games" section in ST Elite or send out another email? I don't get on the forums enough and don't want to miss a Pre-Order. Oh and if your looking for a way to celebrate how about the unlock all IAP going on sale? Paid full price for the game and would love to play it fully without having to grind countless hours on difficulty settings I don't play on (like hard or extreme). Don't mind paying a buck but paying as much as I paid for the original just to unlock stuff sucks. Anyway, will definitely Pre-Order ST2 and look forward to the title. Glad you are still in business; guess the sky did not fall after all! Take care; keep up the good work!

    1. @temp - weill definitely be broadcasting the KS in the ST RPG game itself, you won't miss it. We'll also send another email, certainly. We got a lot of requests to "tell me in advance" for our next KS, so we went an early warning. Consider it a torp across the bow ;) Great idea on the IAP sales!


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