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Star Traders RPG v5.1.3 for iOS Submitted

We have submitted a new update for Star Traders RPG to Apple for Review.

Star Traders RPG from the App Store on iTunes

Star Traders RPG Elite from the App Store on iTunes

v5.1.3 - 8/23/2014

  • 8 New Ship Artwork including new Aliens
  • 46 New Ship Design, including new Aliens
  • Fixed Missing Captains Log Entries
  • Elite: 650 Ship Designs + Design Your Own IAP
  • Improved Upgrade: Water-Fuel Recycling Plant
  • Improved Upgrade: Torpedo Battle Prow
  • Improved Upgrade: Reactor Superstructure
  • Improved Upgrade: Battlecruiser Retrofit
  • Improved Upgrade: Artifact Isolation Chamber
  • Updated Award: Alien Killer I
  • Updated Award: Alien Killer II
  • Updated Award: Space Hive I
  • Updated Award: Space Hive II
  • Updated Award: Alien Flagship
  • Updated Help File for Upgrades, Officers, Rules
  • Latest Combat and Game Rule Updates Applied
  • Accessibility, Usability and Performance Fixes


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