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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Final Pledge Match Drive for KickStarter

Dear Captains, Fans and Backers,

As we close in on the final week of our KickStarter, we are honored to announce the final Pledge Match Drive, hosted by the Lord Gansai, one of the fabled Storm Brothers from Heroes of Steel RPG. A long-time friend and repeat backer, Lord Gansai has offered match up to $2,000 in pledges added by the community.

If you have not joined the Star Traders 2 RPG project, now is the moment. Join in for just $10, and Lord Gansai will increase his pledge by $10. Raise your pledge by $5 and he will raise his pledge by $5. The mighty Storm Brother will increase his pledge to match the community as we reach the $500, $1,000, $1,500 and final $2,000 matching milestones. Back us now and every dollar you add to the KickStarter will be magically doubled.


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