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Star Traders 2 -- A Million Maps Await

We are in the final days of the Star Traders 2 KickStarter. We want to thank you again for your amazing support, for raising your pledges, and for driving us every day closer and closer to the goal. Death before dishonor, Templar -- let’s fund this project!  

Star Traders 2 is built around a procedurally generated galactic map that will change during the game. Where previous titles focused on isolated worlds and quadrants where territorial ownership had stagnated, Star Traders 2 is set in a rapidly expanding universe with numerous Factions contesting control of individual systems and whole quadrants. The reunification of the scattered quadrants has triggered a tsunami of change and the washed away old power structures and agreements. A new frontier awaits, just beyond the next hyperwarp gate -- and every Faction with Credits to employ a Star Trader wants a piece of it.

Space travel before the discovery of the hyperwarp gate network was dangerous and slow. No Captain would have risked travel between quadrants which required drifting in deep space for years, far beyond the range of the solar winds capable of powering a ship's sails.

The gates changed everything. The vast hyperwarp network stretches across the galaxy like the strands of an ancient spiderweb waiting to be explored. Built in the distant past by a long-gone race of beings known only as the Alfan, many of the gates are open and working while others are damaged or broken. With its creators extinct, only the existing network of gates can be utilized, the technology or power to repair or expand the network is lost.

Each game in Star Traders 2 will feature a unique, procedurally generated network of hyperwarp gate for your Captain to explore. When you create a new Captain, you’ll have the option to use one of the classic maps provided with the game, to pick an existing map from another one of your Captains, or generate a brand new map. This setup will allow you to replay your favorite maps or try a new experience with every Captain.

Star Traders 2 will blend hand-crafted maps and procedural content. Therefore the Quadrant known as the Rinze Arm will appear in each game. While the Rinze Arm may feature similar planets and resources, the hyperwarp gates that allow access to it will be different, as will the Factions that struggle for control over it and the key political players within its boundaries. In every game, the Rinze Arm will be a new instance of itself, and a new horizon for a Captain to experience.

The hyperwarp gates that are used by most Captains are located far outside of a system’s gravity wells, at the very edge of deep space, beyond the pull of the stars and planets of a quadrant. These distant gates are used because activating a Gate Drive within a gravity field is very dangerous and can result in catastrophic damage to the drive or the ship. This also makes Gates notoriously difficult to locate, and Captains that have skills locating them can reap tremendous profits.

From within a hyperwarp gate, the traveling period appears to be instantaneous to an observer on the inside. In standard time as recorded by those outside the gates, travel along different hyperwarp routes requires different amounts of time -- some routes take only hours, others take weeks. This can be a mixed blessing for Captains who crisscross the galaxy via hyperwarp gates -- political shifts, changing allegiances and news that travels slowly across the galaxy can all complicate the life of a spacing crew.

The endless Quadrants of Star Traders 2 await you Captain!  Let's get this project funded!

Star Traders 2 is our dream for an open-universe space RPG in which you command your ship, hand-pick your crew, and roam freely through a complex, changing universe with freedom of choice in your goals, morality, and career. We'll be building on the tradition of the original ST RPG and expanding the game in both depth and breadth.

Thank you for your support!

  • If we don't get to 100%, you will not be charged and you get your $10 back
  • By backing the project, you or a name/memoriam/nickname you choose will be listed prominently in the game's credits
  • You'll get to name a character in the game, if you want to


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