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Heroes of Steel - Auto Buff Arrives

Buffing before combat is a critical part of surviving in Heroes of Steel.  A successful team always combines Curses, Buffs, and Empowered Attacks to create a viable strategy. Buffs are always in the mix, and the best way to use them is to cast them before combat, as their turn duration only starts ticking away once a battle starts.

Well, that used to cause a lot of tapping and clicking.  No longer!  By opening the character tray (the four golden square icon) you can now access the Auto Buff feature.

Auto Buff looks at each of your characters, and the buffs they have learned.  It will cast all self buffs on the individual character, and all team buffs enough times to cover the team. So, at the beginning of the game, Kjartan will drop Pureflame Shield twice to cover everyone. So, consider raising the right skills quickly to save some SP (Kjartan has enough anyway!).

Also, if the buff was already up, it will extend the duration to maximum with your re-cast.

The ultimate buffing tool arrives - Auto Buff!

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