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Heroes of Steel - Line of Sight

All ranged attacks in Heroes of Steel require a line of sight with the target.  Notably, ranged curses and buffs do not, but when it comes to missile attack spells, LoS is a requirement.

When thinking about line of sight in Heroes, you always start with the center of the attacker's tile, and a "ray" is traced to the center of the target's tile.  If this ray intersects with a tile that blocks sight, then you are unable to target the enemy.  In the example screenshot below, you can see the northern ray intersects the straight wall tile one square behind Selen.  

The southern example, now tracing to a skeleton which Kjartan just roasted, crosses over only open space and two corner tiles.  These jutting corner tiles do not block line of sight, which is a critical part of making hallways, intersections and junctions work within Heroes - and I suggest you use that to your advantage.  While the top down perspective is unable to show it, these jutting tiles slope downward and give partial visibility over their tiles.  Therefore, Kjartan could blast the southern skeleton (now gone) but not the northern (we'll leave that to Selen).

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