Friday, November 14, 2014

Heroes v3.1.3 - High Speed Option Launches

Heroes of Steel v3.1.3 brings a new powerful option to the table - playing at high speed.  For those who have played the story, are experts at the combat system, or just want to play faster - the high speed option will help you cover more ground.

The newest release also improves and expands the City of the Dead and Episode 3, adding two new secret dungeons. Can you find them? If you do, can you survive?

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v3.1.3 - 11/13/2014
 - New feature: Auto Buff available under 4 gold squares icon - one tap to cast all buffs
 - New feature: High Speed play available from option on menus
 - E3: two new secret dungeons added to the City of the Dead
 - Fixed issue with red-locked door in West Wheel Road, red-locked door to Plat Heights
 - Improved Levels 8-10 for Burning / Thundering Blades
 - Balanced SP cost for Live by the Blade
 - Fixed typos and story inconsistencies

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