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Cyber Knights is Coming

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Cyber Knights v2.6.15

The newest release of Cyber Knights opens a lot of new and exciting doors.  The VIP rooms on AzTek A12 Work Isle are now bustling with their own unique crowd of patrons -- Data Hounds, Persona-Fixers, and VIPs you can't meet anywhere else in the NBZ.  With the heavy presence of the Knight Horizon Security Forces, there are Mercs for hire on A12.  If you've been looking for a heavy weapon specialist, these Mercs are perfect for you, as they can use both shotguns and rifles -- packing some of the heaviest firepower you can carry.

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v2.6.15 - 12/8/2014
 - Elite-only: Backroom VIP rooms on A12 Isle have unique patrons
 - Elite-only: Hire new Runner, Knight Horizon Merc on A12 Isle
 - Elite-only: Knight Horizon Merc can use shotguns and rifles
 - Fixed bugs with Hunds cybernetic weapons - only one weapon is allowed
 - Fixed some Pawn shops that were not being labeled
 - Improved flow of Hunder purchase in Elite
 - Surveillance jobs will not repeat destinations

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